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United Nations University – World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER): Research and Capacity Building Programme (Phase 2)

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 Research and Evidence Division (Growth Team)

 Dr Finn Tarp, Tony Addison, Paul Silfvenius


Impact: To strengthen evidence based policy making, leading to inclusive and economically sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

Outcome: To undertake and disseminate policy relevant research on economic and social policy, and build the capacity of developing country researchers.

DFID has provided financial support to UNU-WIDER since 2003. This support has assisted UNU-WIDER in implementing an influential research programme and in reaching a large range of researchers and policymakers from across the world, but especially from the developing world. The Institute ranks Number 6 in the class of global development think tanks by the University of Pennsylvania.

A high proportion of the research that UNU-WIDER undertakes matches the objectives of DFID and British government policy, including the need to raise and sustain economic growth in the poorest countries (through private sector development, especially), to assist climate change adaption and mitigation, and to reduce the incidence of conflict globally through more broad-based and inclusive economic development, that not only aims to reduce absolute poverty, but is targeted to contain and reverse the recent rise in inequality. Based on its mandate, UNU-WIDER has always had a strong research focus on poverty, inequality, and human development and has, since its earliest days, undertaken path-breaking research in these areas.

DFID support for UNU-WIDER comprised £0.6m under phase 1, and £1m (recently increased to £2.22m) under phase 2 (2010-2013).

(1) High quality policy relevant research on economic and social issues affecting the world’s poor produced.

(2) Dissemination strategy reviewed and strengthened to reach broader policy audience, NGOs, academics in northern and southern institutions.

(3) Capacity of developing country researchers to undertake policy research strengthened.

High calibre researchers are producing high quality research with impact. UNU-WIDER's recent work in South Africa led the Government of South Africa to introduce a carbon tax. UNU-WIDER's recent external evaluation rated the quality of UNU-WIDER's research as very good based on citation and other research output metrics. UNU-WIDER consistently publishes work in high quality journals.

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Funded by the Growth Research Team.


Click here to view the complete range of UNU-WIDER publications and read the UNU-WIDER newsletter, WIDERAngle here. All 'WIDER Working Papers' are freely downloadable from the website.

Hard copies are mailed to libraries in developing countries and regions that do not have generally accessible internet connections. Hard copies are also produced and mailed free-of-charge on request.