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Eucalyptus grandis as paper pulp

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 Central Research Department (now Research and Evidence Division)

  Africa, Eastern Africa

To examine the properties of Eucalyptus grandis with regard to its potential as pulpwood.

During the period 1960-70, the Forestry Department in Uganda established experimental plantations of a number of fast-growing species. As part of a programme to determine the utilisation potential of those species with good growth characteristics, the papermaking properties of samples of Eucalyptus saligna and E.grandis have been investigated.

Three samples of Eucalyptus saligna and E.grandis grown in Uganda were examined to determine wood density, chemical composition, fibre dimensions and pulping characteristics. Samples were 17, 11 and 9 years old. The differences in wood density , fibre dimension and chemical composition were small with little commercial significance, but there are indications that both age of sample and growing conditions could affect these propeeties, which in turn alters the pulping characteristics. Using the sulphate pulping process, yields of 50% were obtained with good strength characteristics. Bleaching yielded pulps of a satisfactory brightness with only slightly reduced strength properties.

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Palmer ER and Gibbs JA (1984). Pulping characteristics of Eucalyptus saligna/grandis growing in Uganda. Trop. Dev. and Res. Inst. DFID. ISBN 0 85954 189 4. ISSN 0264-7648.